BAC Strategic Income


ISIN: SM000A2P0AM3      Class: R                CURRENCY: EUR

ISIN: SM000A2P0AN1        Class: RD            CURRENCY: EUR

The fund’s objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation and income generation primarily by investment in diversified portfolios of euro-denominated bonds issued by corporations, governments, supranational organisations, local authorities, and national public bodies worldwide.

The coupon is semi-annual and is distributed in a variable amount based on the yield achieved. Pursuant to Law no. 04 of 15/01/2007, the proceeds are not subject to income tax for San Marino residents.

The Fund will invest mainly in euro-denominated bonds and, up to a maximum of 30%, in other currencies.

The average duration of the portfolio will be less than 7 years, the Fund may invest to a limited extent in parts of other bond UCITS.

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